Miyerkules, Mayo 9, 2012

Manjuyod White Sand Bar " Perfect Gateway "

Travel Guide: Sand Bar Tourist-Itinerary
White Sand Bar is a tropical sunny island located in the eastern portion of Sitio Punta, Brgy. Campuyo in the town of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental. A seven kilometer strip of White Sand beach, also known as Sumapao Shoal, is fast becoming one of the most visited tourist spot in Negros island today. This surge in popularity is due to its unique and untouched habitats, stunning white sand beach and pristine blue green waters. Add to its charm, is the nearby spots for dolphins and whale viewing. Truly a magnificent views that entice the world over and its walks of life.

       Below is a guide for a daytime and overnight accommodations if ever you plan a trip to white sand bar :
1. Booking .
 There were a lot of ways of how you can make your reservation.
You can visit the :
Public Information & Tourism Office of the LGU-Manjuyod, 
Pob. Manjuyod, Neg. Or.  

Manjuyod booth 
Sidlakan Negros Village, Piapi,
Dumaguete City, Neg. Or. 

Contact No. 09194882950 or 09222776615 
Email add:
Facebook accnt: Manjuyod Gyod

2. Getting There
White sand bar is accessible by sea for about 15 minutes ride by motorized banca.
Jump off point : Punta Warf, Brgy. Campuyo, Manjuyod Negros Oriental

3. Accommodations

Upon planning a trip to White Sand Bar, you must be aware if it is peak season or slack season. Peak season runs from the mos. of October through May. Although the summer months of April and May are often very hot.  It is recommended to go there during November to February when temperature are more bearable. Advanced booking is highly recommended a few months before planned trip as booking reservations quickly fully booked and busy during this time.
It is good to visit white sand bar during slack season, which runs from June to September for wind surfing activity due to strong winds or the North East Monsoon. 

4. Meals
Guest who wants to stay at the over water bungalows at white sand bar can bring their own food because the cottage is equipped with an open pit for cooking, suitable for grilling only. And we also serve sea foods and our town's native delicacies ( per-arrange ).

5. Touring 
Activities to enjoy while staying at the over water bungalows at white sand bar.
A. Boating Spree Adventure - A tour by motor banca, which would take you to the nearby islands surrounding sand bar. 
B. Wild Dolphin Watching at Tanon Strait by motor banca
The cost vary depending on the negotiation, but for sure our prices is very negotiable & affordable.